Pay What You Decide (PWYD)

Creative Works is thrilled to announce the organization’s brand new ticket pricing structure: Pay What You Decide.

Originated by ARC, Stockton Arts Centre in the United Kingdom and first brought to America by Azuka Theatre in Philadelphia, Pay What You Decide (PWYD) is an exciting frontier for the Lancaster theater community. While Pay What You Can pricing asks patrons to pay for a show before they see a performance, and is traditionally used as a limited-time promotional offer, PWYD allows patrons to reserve their tickets ahead of time and pay after the performance.

Creative Works intends to continue using this pricing model for all of its future events. PWYD allows all patrons to assess what the value of a performance is for them individually and removes the risk of spending money up front on a new performance they might not traditionally attend with a traditional ticket pricing structure. With the introduction of PWYD Creative Works will never turn away a potential audience member due to financial limitations.

All tickets are free to reserve, and there is no obligation, or suggested minimum, to pay. Tickets can be reserved through the Creative Works website: Reservations are highly encourage.

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