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We’re a 501(c)(3), baby!

The whole city is our stage—we’re always pushing the boundaries of what theater can be.

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Creative Works has been presenting theater in the Lancaster community for 10 years, and we invite YOU to join us as we plan for the future! Creative Works is currently run by a seven-person volunteer Board Of Directors, which means that we organize, produce, act, direct, design, build, market, fundraise, etc. in addition to working full-time jobs. We do it because we’re passionate about the arts in Lancaster, and we want to find more people who share our enthusiasm so we can grow and make even more cool things happen around town. 

Here are some ways to get involved:

"Creative Works is rich soil for growing artists."

“Lancaster is so lucky to have such an incredible group of people working hard to provide opportunities for artists in the community to share their work.”

— Emma Laube, Director

Play Grounds: Theater on Site, 2018

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" Working with Creative Works is one of the most fun things I've been involved with since moving to Lancaster. They are open to new ideas; they reach out to the entire community. It's like they morph with the artistic life of our town while also putting a stamp on it."
Caleb Corkery