What We Do

Adventurous. Nomadic. Collaborative.

Sock puppet Star Wars? Glacial performance art? 24-hour plays? Yeah, we’ve got a show for that. The weirder, the better, as we bring actors, writers, designers, directors, and community members together for once-in-a-lifetime experiences. The whole city is our stage—we love exploring the unexpected and pushing the boundaries of what theater can be. Since 2010 we’ve partnered with more than 45 venues in the City of Lancaster.

Your mission - should you accept it...

Why We Exist

Our mission is to nurture and promote creative opportunities throughout our community in order to provide exquisite moments of surprise and delight in an ever-challenging world. 

Our Pay What You Decide pricing structure ensures that anyone is able to access adventurous experiences that are unique, participatory, and push the boundaries of what “theater” can be.

Site-Specific Theater

Our annual Playgrounds: Theater on Site series has taken audiences into cemeteries, next to axe throwers, and under bridges. Produced as part of Lancaster ArtWalk, the event has been delighting audiences since 2014.

Works in the Park

Make some room, Shakespeare — park shows continue to expand: French farce? Bilingual fable? Surrealist historic drama? Local premiere? Yeah, we’ve produced all those and more with pop-up stages all over Lancaster City since we started the series in 2011.

And So Much More...

Original works, staged readings, sock puppet parodies, theatrical escape rooms, mobile art galleries — these are just SOME of the experiences we’ve created since our inception in 2010.

Don't Take Our Word for It — Hear From Some Folks Who Have Worked With Us!

Ready to Take the Plunge?

Here’s How YOU Can Get You Feet Wet and Get Involved with Creative Works of Lancaster:

Red-EE... action!

Together with our audience, we work to make the community a better, more interesting place—here are some of the people and organizations helping us stay creative and socially engaged!

Partners and Friends

Some of our favorite collaborators making art and doing good things in Lancaster!

Meet our Sponsors

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Behind the Scenes

The board, the brains, and the … something else that starts with B. Or a ‘Q’ – Q’s get left out a lot.