Creative Works 2015 Season

On January 11, 2015 we announced our upcoming season at our 2015 Season Announcement Party at Mean Cup. Click the image below to download a PDF of our season flyer.




Season Announcement Party!


When: Sunday at 5:00pm (Live Performance starting at 6:00pm)

Where: Mean Cup
398 Harrisburg Ave, Lancaster, Pennsylvania 17603

Many people associate theater with large stages and big plush seats. And that’s cool, but that’s just the tip of the theaterberg. (Iceberg seemed like the wrong metaphor.)

To Bean or not to Bean will be presented at the Creative Works of Lancaster Season Launch Event. This is site-specific theater, a play that was written to take place in the location where it will be performed.

The short play will be a moving examination of the cosmic reasons for humankind’s very existence. Or it will be a funny little comedy about choosing your coffee order. After you see it, you’ll have to decide which one was the better synopsis.

Here’s what you need to know:

  • Admission is FREE! Bring friends!
  • The party will feature live performance, starting at 6:00 p.m., and the unveiling of our brand new logo!
  • Light snacks will be provided.
  • BYOB — We encourage you to bring items to enjoy with Mean Cup’s yummy coffee drinks, which will be available for purchase.

Creative Works of Lancaster is ready to explore uncharted territory in 2015. The year will bring the best, most varied, season we have ever produced, and you’re invited to come along.

There will be familiar landmarks, like our annual Works in the Park, where we produce a play in the summer free to audiences and located in one of the city parks. And there will be wholly unfamiliar terrain: new works by the playwrights of today; new genres; new issues to tackle.

Come celebrate with us on January 11th as we launch this journey. You’re going to like what we discover along the way.

17 Reasons that ‘Yule Laugh Again More Too’ will change your life (Number 9 is essential)


The holidays are a time of heart‐warming stories that affirm the goodness of humankind and spread the message of love, but seriously, someone has to tell the truth! Creative Works of Lancaster is proud to present Yule Laugh Again More Too, a theatrical production that will not spread any message, affirm any goodness, nor warm any hearts. But it will, as promised in the title, make audiences laugh.

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Audiences love ‘Yule Laugh Again More Too!”
Here are the top 17 life-changing reasons you need to see it!

  1. You know all the itchy redness? You’ll learn how to get rid of that.
  2. It may get you transferred onto the naughty list, and let’s face it, that’s where the action is.
  3. You’ll come out of the theater with an intimate knowledge of quantum mechanics.
  4. The world you currently see as cruel and joyless will suddenly appear just as cruel as before, but a funny kind of cruelty.
  5. You’ll discover the secret ingredient in Grandma’s Christmas cookies, and no, it’s not love.
  6. There is NO reason number 6.
  7. Time waits for no man. Admittedly, that’s not really a life changer, but just thought you should be aware.
  8. While we’re on the subject, time waits for no woman either.
  9. Santa will no longer be able to see you when you’re sleeping, and admit it, that was getting creepy.
  10. You know those Christmas movies you’re forced to take in each year? You’ll cover half of those in less than ten minutes.
  11. You’ll finally find out the location of all the best juicers in the county.
  12. Whichever stage of grieving you are in, this show will instantly move you to the next one. And if you already made it to acceptance, you’ll probably end up back at the start with denial again.
  13. You’ll have the opportunity to uncap the hidden potential within you. Or uncap and drink a beer. One of the two.
  14. For an entire hour you will find a safe haven in a totally “12 Days of Christmas” free zone.
  15. Instead of discovering the true meaning of Christmas, you’ll discover the completely irrelevant tangential information that may or may not have anything to do with the actual holiday.
  16. The knot tying workshop will prepare you for the eventuality that you ever have to strap a branch onto your dog’s head and use him as a reindeer.
  17. Schadenfreude. Nothing more need be said.
There’s still time to see this hilarious show, don’t miss it!

Show dates/times

Thursday, Dec. 18 at 8 PM
Friday, Dec. 19 at 9 PM
Saturday, Dec. 20 at 9 PM

Presented at Zoetropolis Art House, 315 W James St in Lancaster

Tickets are $12, or audiences can take advantage of Creative Works’ Awkward Threesome deal of three tickets for $30.