No announced experiences right now…

Keep your eyes on this page for future announcements

We don’t have shows to announce at the moment but please check out info on our past shows, our partners, or how to get involved in the future.

Creative Works is run by a board of volunteers, we don’t have any paid staff, and we’re nomadic.  

But when we DO produce experiences, whatever those may look like for the future, we always pay our artists a stipend, there’s always administrative fees, like play rights, or hosting our website and once we get to see you in person we’ll have rental fees for venues and equipment.

Creative Works of Lancaster continues to be committed to being a Pay What You Decide” ticketing structure – so you only pay us whatever the value of an experience is to you after you see it – so we’ll never turn an audience member away for financial reasons. 

So if you want, and have the means to do so, donate to Creative Works here.

Also feel free to follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube – liking and sharing stuff always helps us and it’s FREE.

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